Roche Pebbles has a policy on Special Educational Needs and would not exclude any child. We work with parents, Health Visitors and other relevant agencies, i.e. Social Workers, to provide an on-going progression of social and educational development.

All policies, including that for Special Educational Needs, are available for staff and parents to read and we encourage this to be done, please ask a member of staff for more details.

The Role of the Senco

In line with the requirements of the Nursery Education Grant, this setting appoints a Special Needs                  Co-ordinator (SENCO)

The Senco

  • Works with staff to agree and implement the Inclusion Policy
  • Co-ordinates the Special Needs Provision within the group
  • Offers support to parents
  • Liaises with outside agencies
  • Co-ordinate the assessments of children to ensure early recognition of Special Needs
  • Contacts the Area Senco for advice and support
  • Regularly reviews resources to ensure ongoing upgrading of Special Needs provision within the group

Senco Training

The Senco will participate in the Inclusion Training provided by the Early Years Partnership and will pass on this training to other staff through staff briefings at staff meetings.

Senco : Sarah Pickersgill