All children are assessed throughout their time at Pebbles through both formal and informal observations by their key person. Children’s progress is monitored at all times and recorded within a piece of educational software called ‘Tapestry’ ensuring that every child’s individual learning jouney can be easily and securely accessed at home. ‘Tapestry’ online learning journeys allow parents to view their child’s records which are linked to the (Early Years Foundation Stage) EYFS profile. This keeps parents and carers informed of the areas of learning that their child is achieving, also, the age band they are wroking towards. This software also allows parents to share photographs and ahceivements from home too! This is in addition to regular daily chats that most parents / carers have with the setting in order to remain fully informed of their child’s time spent in the setting.

Tapestry records also act as a great transitional tool for reception teachers and early years practitioners should a child move on to a new setting or primary school.

In addition to the Learning Journeys, babies and toddlers (under 2’s) have daily diaries completed in order to maintain an accurate record of the baby’s routine throughout the day and acts as a two way form of communication between home and the key person.  This includes sleep patterns, milk consumption, nappy changes etc.