After-School Club

When children arrive at our after school club they are welcomed into a relaxed play environment where resources are inviting, bright and stimulating. Children can play freely or choose to take part in planned fun activities according to their age and interest.


We have a wide range of resources at our club suitable for children from 2 year olds up to 11 year olds with plenty of choice for each age group, within a large and spacious room, including plenty of outside space, with access to the neighbouring school field.

Activities are provided to support children’s natural stages of development and interests. We help support children’s daily routine by providing activities and time for children to become relaxed, have fun and socialise after school. Children are encoraged to take part in the planning of the activities for the week, ensuring their interests and suggestions are encouraged and included.

We believe strongly in promoting children to enjoy sports, physical activity and outdoor fun. We have lots of activities which are supervised and supported by our staff who are enthusiastic towards the activities that we offer. Children will be offered different activities according to their age. The school field can be used for rounders, cricket and football. Children are offered the option of either outdoor or inside play during each session in a free flow style.

We love to involve the children in cooking by providing them with lots of opportunities to take part. Many of our children help to make their own humus and dips for a healthy snack and grow their carrots for dipping from the garden. Should a child prefer to chill and have some ‘me time’ we offer a quiet snug area filled with cushions and beanbags.

Spaces fill really quickly and we suggest that at you allow plenty of notice to book your child in as staff to child ratio has to be adhered to. Booking forms must be completed as any session booked and not attended will be charged for. Please refer to our Admissions Policy for further information.

Holiday Club

As our centre is open for 50 weeks of the year we are able to offer a safe and stimulating Holiday Club open for all children aged from 3 months -11 years during the school holidays.  We open from 8.00am until 5.30pm offering different session times to fit in with you.

Activities for the children aged over 3 years include an art and craft where children can make the crafts of the day or get some help in making an idea they have. Model making, painting, hama beads, drawing, sand and water and are available to access on a daily basis. Children always enjoy making the most of imaginative play and the setting ensures that the role play area focuses on the children’s interests and is always popular.

As our days can be very busy we always make sure that there is somewhere for children to chill out and relax. We have a book corner with soft rugs, large cushions and a sofa. We also have areas for concentration and quieter activities like board games.

Cookery, sports, science and fun projects are available everyday and having a kitchen on site is great for the children to take part regularly in cookery activities. The older children have access to the computer, tablet and Wii.

We have lots of outdoor space. A large self contained playground where children can go on the scooters, and bikes, a climbing frame and slide or sit under the canopy to participate in craft activities or chill out on the large beanbags. We have a sensory area, play house, mud kitchen and planters where we grow flowers and vegetables. We often take our inside resources outside in order to enjoy the fresh air.

Children will always be asked for their ideas for our holiday club and we always offer activities according to their age.

Children with additional needs

We know the importance for parents to find good childcare and this can become difficult when your child has an additional need. During our wraparound sessions we aim to include all children regardless of their abilities & background and strive to create a personalised environment that suits their needs and interests.

The wraparound care of our setting provides breakfast, after school and holiday care from 8am-6pm (8am-5.30pm during the school holidays) and takes children from 3 months – 11yrs. Pebbles offer plenty of play opportunities, a huge selection of toys and resources and lots of fun projects and activities to take part in.

When any child joins the club who has an additional need we find as much information out from yourselves as possible and collate a booklet called ‘All About Me’. We use these booklets to refer to and build upon so that we can tailor your child’s day accordingly. They include your child’s routine, likes, dislikes and important details about their additional need. These booklets are also enjoyed by the children as they can add to them themselves and we record activities that your child has really enjoyed.

We provide children with a visual timetable of the day so they can see the structure of what happens and in what order and this can help children who especially need a visual reference of their day to help it to run smoother. For some children we will provide their own visual timetable so we can structure their day with their own routine board with the help of our new resource. PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) is also used to support communication within the setting if required. Staff have received basic training in Makaton signing.

We have sensory toys that help children to relieve stress and children get a lot of enjoyment out of touching and playing with them too. The resources we have for this are tactile toys, visual toys and toys that make sounds. Certain members of staff have attended further training courses on SEN and will work with any professionals that are involved in your child’s life and will arrange a meeting with them before your child attends in order to gain additional information ensuring that we are able to provide your child with the best possible care.