It is our intention to make Roche Pebbles accessible to children from 3 months of age, from families from all sections of the local community through an open, fair and clearly communicated procedure.

Children are allocated places from the waiting list at the beginning of each new term (if spaces allow) with  parents being notified either in person or via the telephone or email. An introductory visit to the setting  will be arranged in order to complete registration forms, look around the setting, meet the staff and arrange     settling-in sessions. A parent contract will require signing. A registration fee and two weeks deposit will be  requested during the initial consultation. Please refer to our ‘Admissions Policy’ for further information.

Fees should be paid within 14 days of an invoice. Failure to pay may result in county court action. For parents who find it hard to pay a lump sum, alternative arrangements such as weekly payments can be made with the manager. Grant funding for all 3 year olds is available for all children, the term following their 3rd birthday. Two year old funding is also available at Pebbles. The manager or supervisor will inform parents as their child reaches eligibility.